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Dana Colin Michelle

  • how can we make the story builder more engaging?
  • could it be like a comic book?
  • make it so that the Intro is not just a bunch of text
  • animate it?
  • make the scenario “come alive”
  • more fun and illustrative
  • perhaps talk to Avtar about this
  • perhaps talk to Jim Tobias

  • (wireframes as-is are ok for Feb report)
  • we want an interactive prototype for final report/March
  • how to show pref setting in-context? eg. the welcome flow for a website? as part of account-creation process?
  • add content to the Guide about privacy i.e. resources for designers to design sites etc to accommodate personal privacy policies/preferences

for end of January

  • create a “spec-ish” wiki page for privacy prefs
  • ISO - prefs + value ranges
  • Joseph - W3C ?
  • what are realistic preferences at this point - talk to Cindy and Simon
  • e.g. time-out / expiry on information after which point it gets deleted

  • let’s go ahead and submit an REB so we can do some usability testing if we choose to
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