Summary of design crit feedback:

Design findings:

  • People currently cobble together different websites instead of sending people to the main IDRC website, because its too messy and hard to navigate
    • What we do - Sending things like other project websites - FLOE, cities, SJRK, etc - to get an idea of what the projects are
    • Learning about inclusive design - Sending articles or deep linked pages like what is inclusive design, the 3 dimensions, etc
  • Education & outreach - stands out awkwardly, overlaps a lot with resources - take this out
  • Pages that could potentially be merged
    • Methods & processes and resources
    • Events with news / blog
  • News
    • Figure out what we can archive
    • Create tags for different types of content

Technology considerations:

  • There’s a lot of duplicated information - ex. Mailing list links to the IDRC and its separate projects. If we want to have information in multiple places, we want to update it once - not every single time
    • This should be considered the same time the IA is - understand what’s feasible from a technical POV


  • We should not have things on the website that we don’t have the capacity to keep up to date
  • What kind of practices will we need to adopt to make sure the website is more successful than it has in the past?
    • Worth another brainstorming session to identify those problems, and come up with solutions


  • Consider the main job of the IDRC website, vs the main job of the wiki and our other project websites - make sure those jobs are discrete, and don’t duplicate content
  • Consider adding code of conduct, privacy policy, statement for diversity & inclusion etc

Full notes here:

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