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IDRC Website Accessibility:

  • Add a sitemap (HTML and XML versions)

  • Add a pager to the projects table.

  • Add table headers to the projects table.

  • Projects filters are dropdowns, not text fields.

  • When content is changed on screen (i.e. user has selected a new search filter, or changed sorting), use a status box (using role=”status”) to communicate changes to users.

  • Add Search bar across entire site.

    • Are there / should there be options for searching? Is it needed?


  • Use OwnCloud for day-to-day design work

  • Gio will look into implementing long term support for OwnCloud

  • Research will be done into looking into using OwnCloud that integrates with git-LFS to enable open sharing of artifacts which are more “formal” (i.e. used for development, grant proposals, reports, papers). 
  • Applications:
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