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Meeting Notes

The following is the feedback received regarding the latest version of the learning dashboard interaction design (

  • For the next phase of implementation we should consider task-interdependencies for the to-do items or goals e.g. you can’t get task 'A' done unless you complete task 'B'.
  • In the current design, on the timeline/overview we can either show all or show the completed goals and tasks. Consider including an option for just showing the items that are still left to do.
  • on the journal, user just enters information and they don’t see the relationships or connections among the entries. we should somehow show these relationships to inform users why it matters to enter a specific piece of information.
  • Once GPII preferences are changed, add a free text entry field so user can describe how that change has helped them. The text can be automatically annotated later on.
  • There are several things that can be tracked and captured automatically at the backend. e.g. when user changes the contrast setting the speed of typing changes.
    • We need to figure out how to inform user of these automatic tracking and get their consent.
    • We have to make sure not only inform them of what could be tracked, but also let them know how the tracked information could be useful to them.
    • We need to figure out what are the contextually relevant factors that we can automatically track. e.g. in a Job Center context, speed of typing might not be a relevant factor to track.
  • in the next phases of implementation, include little micro experiments, e.g. quizzes to assess how change of preferences has affected user's performance (show user what they can do with the changes they have made)
  • Tracking goals and to-do tasks seem to be confusing.
    • When something is tagged as a goal or a to-do, it's assumed to be tracked. If not tracked what would be the difference between a goal and a note?
    • if goals or to-do items are not tracked, it would be very difficult to find them in the notes later on.
  • The timeline view seems to be presenting not the same information as the overview and the list view. In the timeline we have time-based items. However, in the overview and list view the items might not be time based. Clarify this distinction.
  • Consider adding search option to go through previous notes.
  • Consider tagging note items for search, e.g. all goals or to-do tasks that are related to writing a resume
  • Consider adding an ignore button for the goals or to-do lists, so they could be removed from the list.
  • Consider combining the Reflect and Review. So, you can see the relationships between the goals and notes at the same time. Right now they seem to be disconnected. Create a time-based view of the journal.

Next Steps

  • Explore different options for combining the Reflect and Review sections.
  • Consider how this work can be related to the Nexus work.
  • Discuss what could be implemented in the short term and what needs to be done in the long term and start tasking the project.
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