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IoC Docs

 Why Inversion of Control
  • flesh out to give more explanation

  • update code samples to latest form

  • remove anything without 'autoInit'   FLUID-5152 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • remove mention of lifecycle functions FLUID-5140 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • remove mention of initDependents FLUID-5141 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Remove mention of demands  FLUID-5139 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We've decided that demands blocks will no longer be used or recommended, so we will remove references to them altogether. They should be replaced with either the use of distributeOptions, or with a grade that overrides things.



The two pages have been removed. The rest of the docs still need to be reviewed.

Invokers         FLUID-5138 - Getting issue details... STATUS
fast invokers, dynamic invokers, compact syntax


Antranig to review


Component Grade page Component Grades     FLUID-5147 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    combining grades
    creating your own grades

- and then cover dynamic grades, both supplied via direct options as well as those resolved
via an IoC reference in the "gradeNames" list - explain the limitations on this latter process
and how it must be used carefully.

dynamic grades and grade merging
   ability to write an ioc expression where a grade name is expected

See FLUID-5085 - Getting issue details... STATUS for notes that might be helpful.

Antranig to review


 Model Transformation    FLUID-4030 - Getting issue details... STATUS     update to reflect latest code
        transforms now in "fluid.transforms" namespace
        many new transforms available (see ModelTransformationTransforms.js)
        transforms now specified with "transform:" instead of "expander:"

Some docs exist in the GPII wiki:

the ginger process, why it's useful  FLUID-5148 - Getting issue details... STATUS
rename it! explain it somewhere where appropriate
FLUID-5158 - Getting issue details... STATUS MichelleIN PROGRESS
Each child page of IoC - Inversion of Control
    ensure any code samples reflect current APIs, practices, features, etc
    ensure text reflects current framework
    add new features where appropriate
  • How to Use Infusion IoC Needs to be reviewed and brought up-to-date to reflect current best practices (e.g. no demands, IoCSS, etc)
  • Contexts    FLUID-5149 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • diagram from demand resolution page, plus some explanation

  • Pseudoarguments
    • "a demands block which uses named arguments such as "options", "container", etc. rather than an argument list"

Message loading: We need an overview page describing how to work with message files/string bundles, for localization, including

  • in renderer components
  • using the message resolver (fluid.messageResolver) in non-renderer-component scenarios
  • Update the scenarios, use to identify "paths through the docs"
Anastasianot started
Overview of IoC and its goals (on this page? IoC - Inversion of Control), including    FLUID-5153 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    configuration only
        declarative listeners
        declarative prototrees
        declarative invokers and events
Component authoring process from the perspective of 2nd parties, 3rd parties, etc.   FLUID-5154 - Getting issue details... STATUS
convey the fact that you're developing something that might be used by future authors
What are the mechanisms by which an author would make an application reconfigurable?
FLUID-5176 - Getting issue details... STATUS   


Preferences Framework Docs

Tutorials to date: Preferences Framework


Overview of preference editor framework
    what it's for
    what it is
    how it's structured/architected
    what is a preferences editor


How is prefs config different from IoC config
    how does it build upon it
    spine of lookup onto names

Non-tutorial API docs  

GPII preferences server as a crucial element of the system
    for schema users
    a central place where 'all' prefs are defined/stored
    stress the fact that the gpii prefs server is not required (even though right now it is required)


New Framework Features (and under-documented things)

Members component option


Antranig to review


FLUID-5257 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Please paste a link here to where the docs have been started!

FLUID-5238 - Getting issue details... STATUS   

Declarative Syntax for Binding ChangeApplier Events

Flesh out the kettle docs Kettle  

General Issues

FLUID-5206 - Getting issue details... STATUS   
FLUID-5227 - Getting issue details... STATUS   
FLUID-5230 - Getting issue details... STATUS   
FLUID-5235 - Getting issue details... STATUS   
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