The diagrams on this page represent a proposed architecture for the Infusion Documentation. The information will have extensive links between related topics, but the main structure would be as outlined.

Some of the more detailed sub-topics have been left our for clarity and lack of space. You can look at the mind maps for an idea of these details.

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On This Page

Top Level

Developer Guide


Development Process

How do I...?

How do I Make My ... Accessible?

How do I Use Components?

How do I Use a Particular Component?

How do I Create Components?

How do I Use the Framework?

How do I Use the Renderer?

How do I Use the FSS?



For each component, there will be a landing page:

  • Overview and gateway to "How do I ..." information with the functional examples.
  • General description about the component on how it's integrated and instatiated.
  • More textbook style, similar to current API docs (description at top, with technical information)
  • Sublinks on landing page to more specific "How do I..." information and API docs.
  • Will have list of functions and supported events with links to detailed API page for that item

Documentation Structure Design

Notable changes from the above diagrams / structure:

  • Framework and Component "How-To" guides moved to relevant Framework and Component API pages.
  • "Framework (Technical)" section is now "How Infusion Works" under the "Guides" section.
  • Addition of a Demos section.

Larger version: Infusion Documentation Website.png
Editable Freemind Mindmap File: Infusion Documentation Website.mm

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