This page is a starting point for compiling interesting links, articles, and other resources that will be useful to the Engage team.

People and Resources

Mike Ellis

Rory Matthews – an independent designer who has worked with a number of museums
Rory is happy to have conversations -

Frankie Roberto – UX guy – a bit of a trailblazer, I think

Seb Chan

Aaron Straup Cope
Flickr Geolocation guy

Nancy Proctor

Peter Samis

Resources to look at - CONTEXT


eDocent (Museum of the Moving Image) 

  • During the month of March 2001, the Museum of the Moving Image tested the first prototype of an innovative wireless gallery information system called eDocent. eDocent was developed over the preceeding year with the partnership of the Internet services company Organic, Inc. Using eDocent, a visitor could browse multimedia information about Museum artifacts with a wireless, hand-held device. The eDocent prototype provided text, photos, audio, and video about four objects in the Museum.

Wayfinding, Positioning, and Object Recognition


Camera Phones


Browser support


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