Charly's Infusion Video Player



JW Player

J-media element



  • License: GPL/MIT
  • jQuery plugin but uses its own implementation of widget
  • Flash-first, HTML5 as fall-back
  • integrator doesn't write the <video> tag, the jPlayer plug-in does that
  • seems quite skinnable (one demo shows a text-only audio player)
  • infusion-style overridable selectors for all controls, feedback, etc.
  • plugin figures out whether to use html or flash, and then for every action (play, seek, etc) calls the right function
  • nothing built-in for the <track> element (for captions or subtitles)
  • basic kbd a11y in place
  • could use improvements (e.g. enter activates buttons, but not spacebar)
  • skin doesn't include visual feedback of kbd focus
  • volume slider itself not kbd-a11y (only mute/unmute)

Video for Everybody


OSM Player

  • License: GPL3
  • uses jQuery, themable using Themeroller
  • designed to be used within a Content Management environment, such as Drupal, but can be used standalone
  • has support for resizing
  • includes templates that can be customized, but:
    • these seem to be for use with their OSM Player PHP Library?
    • the "required HTML" includes direct links to images in the template folder, so you'd have to change all of them?



  • License: completely open ("You may copy and use this library as you see fit (including commercial use) and modify it, as long as you retain my attribution comment...")
  • closed-captioning polyfill for HTML5: implements support for <track> element
  • support for WebVTT, SRT, SBV, and SUB caption/subtitle formats
  • namespaced to "captionator"
  • can provide your own render function for the captions
  • claims non-standard support for use of <track> for audio and video
    • small bug in video, but can get something to work
    • haven't been able to get audio to work
  • bug: Captionator somehow interferes with native volume control?

Akamai’s Open Video Player


RSMS's HTML5 Video Player

  • License: fully open / MIT
  • jQuery plugin
  • minimalist controls (mute, but no volume control; progress bar, but no scrubbing)
  • uses <bar> tag for progress bar?

jQuery UI Video widget


YUI HTML5 Video Player

DailyMotion video player

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