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Our museum kiosk is designed to allow visitors to view, select, and print themed tours of the museum space. The kiosk aims to make the relationship between museum cross-cutting themes and galleries lucid. Our designs include both the interface and chassis.


> Kiosk design overview
> Kiosk design activities


Journey frameworks

> Kiosk journey framework (Oct. 2009)
> Kiosk + mobile journey framework (Oct. 2009)
> SF MOMA kiosk journey framework (Sept. 2009)

Interface design

Kiosk UI design, draft 6 (Jan.-Mar. 2010)

Kiosk UI design, draft 5 (Dec. 2009-Jan. 2010)

Kiosk UI design, draft 4 (Nov. 2009)

Kiosk UI design, draft 3 (Oct. 2009)

Kiosk UI design, draft 2 (Aug.-Sept. 2009)

Kiosk UI design, draft 1 (Aug. 2009)

Physical design

> Kiosk storyboards and scenarios
> Physical kiosk design (Draft 1) (March 2010)
> Kiosk 3D models
> Physical kiosk design sketches
> more...

Brochure design

> Kiosk brochure design


> Accessibility guidelines for kiosk UI and physical design
> Kiosk alternative text considerations
> Notes from chat with blind user about museum kiosk experience (January 13, 2010)
> Accessibility considerations for kiosk design (Draft 6)
> Kiosk button and audio navigation considerations (Draft 6)


> DIA visitor evaluation process
> Notes from meeting with the DIA (May 8, 2009): Early in the project, prelude to DIA contextual research and kiosk work
> Notes from meeting with the DIA (August 12, 2009)
> Visit to the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) (November 3, 2009): Notes from a chat with Sivia of MOA about their kiosks
> Physical kiosk design draft work plan

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