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Colin, Dana, Neeta, Sepideh, Maureen, Michelle

  • How long does it take for the user to set preferences
    • in some projects there is only a specific time to set preferences
  • For APCP we need to be more structured and specific --> what our approach should be? should we prioritized a more structured preference settings and then add the other things.
  • Start with metrics that are relevant to the preferences that they set for a pilot and the kind of activities they may do, things to do to accomplish different tasks  
    • common preferences and
  • Lot of the clients have already registered, so they just start using the computer. The instruction is offered to them, but this might be a first time they see the dashboard.  
  • Find-ability -- how to come across this tool -- we have the same questions in the job center. it's available to them if they want to explore. 
  • What measures we would be able to assist them with. 
  • could track features to find out what makes them more efficient. e.g. if they are low vision they want to track how they operate with specific font size and how different font sizes make them more efficient.
  • At job centers most most clients do:
    • job search
    • help for resume
    • search for public aid
    • filling up unemployment
  • Taking what we have done and see how it could be applied to the APCP setting
  • We will take the dashboard to the community college. this tool can be very useful in that context as there is no time limitation and probabely they are more familiar with that type of tools
  • clients can take these preference with them (we provide them with options to save their preferences on a USB key, or something else) 
  • Inter-connectivity at the job center might not be possible, but we can recommend users with features and some feedback about what other users have used, so they can experiment with different things -- same concepts + syncing preferences were proposed in the Cloud 4 All project
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