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The Fluid Project is an open, collaborative development project. Our goal is to improve the user experience of community source web applications, so if you are a designer or developer and want to change the world, consider getting involved!

The following is a list of ways you can get involved and contribute to the work:

Communication Venues

This wiki

The Fluid wiki is the primary hub for project work at all stages of Fluid projects. The wiki acts both as an archive to older work, as well as an active working space for presenting, discussing, and refining ideas and drafts.

Pages on the wiki are generally expected to be in flux: edited, merged, and split as appropriate. Because the full history of each wiki page is preserved, there should be little hesitation about making changes to a page (that is, changes to pages are easily reversible).

The wiki documentation outlines how to create, edit, and contribute to this wiki.

The material published on this wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. By contributing new content or changes to the Fluid Project Wiki, you agree to share your work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Mailing lists

The Fluid mailing lists provide a way to have threaded conversations about particular topics. Unlike the wiki, they provide a way to actively "ping" the community. Everyone is welcome to join the mailing lists and no matter where you join us, you will reach our community!

View mailing lists »


The Fluid and GPII teams use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for collaborative discussions. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to join the channel and participate in the discussions.

    Channel: #fluid-work
    Technical Channel: #fluid-tech
    Design Channel: #fluid-design
    Infrastructure/Project-related changes: #fluid-changelog

The channels are logged:

#fluid-work: general community discussions

#fluid-tech: tech specific topics

#fluid-design: design specific topics

#fluid-changelog: infrastructure/project-related changes

Archived logs are on the Fluid Project wiki:
    #fluid-work archived logs
    #fluid-tech archived logs

Archived logs from the BotBot service are currently available at:

View suggested IRC clients »


Fluid Team Schedule

Daily Standup Meeting

Community workshops and design crits (Weekly)

Community Design Crits (Critiques) (Weekly)

Contributing Code

We are always looking for talented developers to help contribute to the Fluid source code. To learn how to get started, view contributing code »

Contributing to a Fluid Component

Coding and Commit Standards

Fluid Jira issue tracker [⇗]

Contributing Design

How to contribute to Design

Sample design artifacts

Version control and sharing for design

Looking for a practical way to help?

We may have what you're looking for! Read through this guide to getting involved at the IDRC, the home of the Fluid Project.

Get in touch with us



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