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  • Move the 'where to begin' section to the introduction
  • It's confusing that the selection of a navigation tab opens up the first page in that section. Try adding a landing page/overview/summary for the navigation tabs. So user is introduced to the section first and then can navigate to the other sub-pages in that section.
  • There are several headings that don't match their navigation links. Make sure they all match
  • Think about adding a new tab 'Find services now' or something similar, that would be a portal to users. So users can easily and quickly access their desired content
  • Include a search option
  • Ask Jutta what kind of feedback she has received about the ILDH
  • We can combine 'Access for All' and 'Schema' with the Metadata section under Approaches
  • Maybe replace 'tools' with 'techniques'
  • Modify the content of the home page, turn it to a general introductory page for ILDH and link it from the ILDH Floe icon
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