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The Fluid and GPII teams use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for collaborative discussions. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to join the channel and participate in the discussions.

    Channel: #fluid-work
    Technical Channel: #fluid-tech
    Design Channel: #fluid-design


The channels are logged by

    #fluid-work IRC logs

    #fluid-tech IRC logs

    #fluid-design IRC logs


Archived logs are on the Fluid Project wiki:
    #fluid-work archived logs
    #fluid-tech archived logs


For background information on IRC in general, see Freenode's Knowledge Base.

Suggested IRC clients 

Web client


Mac OS X

Check out the Collaborate page for more ways to get involved!

 Slack, Mattermost, Gitter and other chat platforms

The Fluid community has considered migrating to newer chat platforms but every time the general opinion has been that they are not as accessible as IRC or only offer features we depend on (e.g. public records) for paid users. A consensus on this topic has never been reached.