European Telecommunications Standards Institute - Characteristics of telephone keypads ... requirements of elderly and disabled people

W3C Working Group - Keyboard Accessible Understanding Guideline 2.1

Wisco Systems Telephone Accessibility

508 Refresh report

List of John Gill publications for accessible keypads and user interfaces

US Dept of Education - Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibilty Throughout Design (online book)

An Accessibility Review of the Verizon Haven Cell Phone (see keypad section)

Making ICT Accessible (

"A Special Phone" iPhone app demo (youtube video)

Configuring an Accessible Keyboard (GNOME Library)

Ten Innovative Keyboards (Webupon)

Information for Designers of Public Access Terminals

The Markets for the Adaptation of Self-Service Terminals to be Accessible by People with Disabilities

Section 508 Blog How to Tell if a Keyboard is Accessible

Overiew of Twenty First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

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