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Problem Space


Student must to go to 2+ LMS's to view his classes.

Persona: Ed

LMSs in a Portal

Problem to solve
- many LMS (or home grown web sites) required to cover all their classes
- required diferent plces for each
-need comprehensive view
- take longer, harder to remember
- users need a sense of place and where they are in the process


  • one stop / get there
  • only remember one place
  •  summary of relevant info from LMS (let me know when I need to go there
    • tests coming up, dry cleaning, dates, etc
    • schedule
    • assignments due
    • announcements
    • Not to have to think about where I need to go for different courses


Connect to
- sakai
- blackboard
- home grown web sites

Show me my schedule
- changes over time

- one location and consistent format to see homework, tests, etc
- show's available for study group
- shared space for study materials
- schedule group meetings/events

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  1. Out of curosity, what is driving interest in this scenario?  I've run across very few organizations to-date that have an interest in supporting multiple LMS implementations and which have overlapping user communities such that users do end up using more than one LMS.