Platform Architectural Considerations

  • The labour platform must be able to flex to individual cooperative requirements.
  • Each component of the platform should be replaceable with alternative implementations.
  • The cooperative must be able to modify the user interfaces to match their branding and workflows.
  • User interfaces must be able to flex to the user's (client and service provider) preferences.

Initial Sketching

Image of a technical mapping of the pieces of the platform coop as informed by use cases.

An initial sketch of the technical pieces of the labour platform was created using coffee filters and strips of paper. Each filter represents a piece of the platform and they are loosely grouped into functional areas. These are:

  • Cooperative
    • Member
    • Client (might also be a member)
    • Services
  • Coop Governance
    • Profit Sharing
    • Legal Constraints
    • Becoming a Member
    • Member Rules
    • Reports
  • Tax Documents and Individual Metrics
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Service Pricing
    • Taxes
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Demand
  • Payment
    • Payment Gateways
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Cash
  • Location
    • Directions
    • Maps
  • Reviews and Complaints
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Legal Supports and Information
    • Emergency Services
    • Ratings
  • Cooperative Directory

Use Cases

Several use cases were considered when performing initial sketching of the labour platform. Note that a person may be part of many cooperatives, for example a beauty worker may use a delivery service to get required supplies to a client's home.

Delivery Service

Service involves getting a package from a location and delivering it to another location.

Home Care Service

Service involves going to a client's home and providing various types of care including bathing, administering medication and assisting with simple physio related exercises.

Home Beauty Service

Service involves going to a client's home and providing various beauty services including hair cuts, hair styling and makeup application.

House Cleaning Service

Service involves going to a client's home and performing various house keeping tasks including vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and disposing of garbage.

Accommodation Service

Service involves providing a space for a client to stay.

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