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Various mapping ideas, initially generated from the June 2, 2009 mapping brainstorm meeting. These ideas were framed by the question of "Why do we want/need an interactive map over a static map?" (i.e., what can the affordances of technology bring us closer to?)

See Catalogue of mapping ideas for a working classification of the ideas.

- Multi-modal views: same objects in spatial and conceptual maps; same objects on screen, animate into different positions
- Create one's own experience and path within the content
- Draw up relationships between works/objects/artifacts/etc.
- Better sense of where one might find works (particularly, generally)
- Social aspect: where (spatially, conceptually) are my friends and colleagues enjoying content?
- Interest maps: what are people interested in?
  - Ability to subscribe to interest maps (possibly with people with credibility/fame)
- Enabling better searching experience
- Post-visit affordances
- Easier access (don't have to go to a wall for a map)
- Accessibility
  - E.g., providing easily accessible paths for wheelchairs
- Data recovery, exploration for scholars, researchers
- Entertainment value
- Seeing where others are in the virtual map, what they're looking at, in real-time
- Real-time/offline conversations in the virtual, hybrid virtual-physical space
- Tease at social value (shared exploration, etc.)
- Footprints, leaving notes for other people
  - Electronic breadcrumbs/post-it notes
  - Follow footprints of famous/credible people
- Tease at the unspoken thoughts when an ad hoc group of people stand at the same object silently
- Sharing content across museums
  - Vast array of maps connecting/interacting with each other: mega-museum
- Travel patterns (& "Did you know?")
- Link to things, events, happenings in community
- Social sharing: link to email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
- Interactive postcards: send a virtual map (say, zoomed into a cluster of objects) w/ note
  - Provides point of entry for receiver to also explore rest of space
- Touching the artwork through the interface
- Animating, bringing to life the art/objects

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