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Developed based on interviews and collective knowledge

Why an educator may be looking for ILD related information:

  • Specific: immediate individual need (eg. student in class)--an accommodation.
  • General: compliance/mandated

What they are looking for:

  • How to make their resources inclusive
  • Where to get inclusive resources
  • How to tell if a resource is inclusive

When might an educator be looking for ILD information:

  • During during syllabi and resource development
  • during learning observations or direct requests
  • when given an IEP
  • when mandated

How an educator may need to consume and implement ILD information:

  • through examples
  • Templates to reuse
  • Printable content and templates
  • Other educator reflections/learning

NOTE from post secondary educators interviewed: educator (post secondary) is often designing lessons and education material (aggregated from many places) for the way that they themselves would typically learn--their comfort zone. Usually thinking about accessibility and inclusion in general terms. Post secondary educators are often not formally trained as teachers. Sessional educators are often not part of faculty strategies and their related training. These educators may, therefore, not be exposed to, contribute to or have a voice in ILD related to the institution they are teaching at.

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