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Participants: Cindy, Justin, Lisa, Michelle, Ned, Philip, Ted

Google Doc


  1. Dev environment for WeCount website
    1. TODO: Ned - Configure, update API endpoints
  2. Coding standards 
    1. TODO: Ned - Update ESLint to mandate semicolons
    2. TODO: Ned - Update StyleLint config to match indent rules from ESLint
    3. TODO: All - Review ESLint configuration, see if we want to change anything
  3. Header design
    1. TODO: Ned - Find example of IntersectionObserver overflow menu
  4. views page
    1. H1: Views
    2. H2: filter
    3. H3: view titles
  5. News page
    1. H1: News
    2. H2: news titles

An example of reuse the header styling for different heading levels:

h3, .h3 { // styles for heading 3 }


    <h2 class=”h3”>

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