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Does there need to be clarity in the wording or descriptor of what the intention is of the “Tutorials”?

What are the risks? “Learn more” → connect to tutorial?

Screen 14/15 - how the choices you are making affect the list of information

  • (Something like as we had previously - striking out items on the list as choices are made)

Introduce map here?

A taxonomy of preferences?

  • Clearing browser history on single device - i.e your personal device that you have control over - risk is someone getting access remotely

  • Other types of things not under your control - info stored remotely on other’s servers - option → going forward, don’t share this information (and where possible request to remove past info)

  • You can request, but it may not get honored

  • Synchronise your browser history across devices is also possible, so option on single device may not be realistic

Be more proactive - with suggestions (links and info that will enable users to be proactive about privacy)

  • User should get into habit of learning and knowing about privacy

  • You don’t do it once and you’re done - it’s always changing

  • E.g. see HW vendors FAQ’s

  • Getting folks aware that there are resources out there ie: apple privacy from which users can link through and learn specific to their device/software needs

Add an option to never store browser history (vs. clear browser history)

Episodes of the storybuilder - a way of learning different topics - an OER (intention: empower individuals to control their privacy through learning/awareness)

  • Scenario-based learning of various topics including finances or online security or …

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