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Alan Lisa Simon Dana

  • We looked at the whiteboard notes from recent Nexus meeting – points related to MyL3:

    • Metacognition

    • MyL3 framing

    • Public

    • Collaborative

    • Multi-modal

    • Points of self-reflection in activity

    • Users as creators of learning process

    • Exploration

    • Open Data

  • The Nexus project is currently developing an interface for multi-modal visualization of science data (numerical value output, with visualization and sonification of the data)

  • We probably don’t have time to develop anything new before the Hewlett visit (April 25), but want to be able to talk about the overlaps between Nexus and MyL3

  • Nexus is looking at how learners can create their own learning process, through exploring multi-modal output and multi-modal ways of interacting with science data

  • As with MyL3, we want to focus on the points of self-reflection in these tools

  • Dana is planning to flesh out the latest MyL3 mockups narrative such that they will include a simple presentation of collected data in some way, as well as showing the outcome of self-reflection on that data – for example, further data collection choices or other choices a learner might make based on self-reflection of their data (right now the mockups show the details of specifying data collection, but don’t go any further)

  • The overlap between the two projects seems to be two-way:

    1. Data collected through MyL3 could be fed into Nexus and presented multi-modally back to the learner

    2. Learners can use MyL3 to reflect on what is working for them in Nexus in terms of data presentation and interaction modes

      1. Learners might also pull Nexus data into the MyL3 to possibly make connections and correlations with other data they are already collecting?

  • One possibility (that is probably too ambitious in the time-frame for Hewlett visit) would be to take one of the MyL3 scenarios and create a data set that could be fed into Nexus and presented multi-modally (demonstrating #1)

  • Another possibility (and probably do-able in the given time-frame) would be to add some simple feature(s) into the MyL3 mockups that shows how a learner could self-reflect on their learning with the Nexus - i.e. they could reflect on what worked for them in terms of data presentation (demonstrating #2)

  • Then Alan got excited about the possibility of a group learning scenario where multiple learners could look at their data sets side-by-side ...

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