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Colin, Simon, Dana, Lisa

  • Dana showed latest sketches of data tracking and “touch-notes”
    • touch-notes inspired by idea of in-context, immediate tracking
  • idea of entry point into tracking - suggesting things to track (e.g. weather)
  • showing first how tracking can be done and inspiring learner to add other things
    • what about time delayed effects e.g. food sensitivities can have effects immediately or in 2 days from now
    • could use some pattern recognition somehow 
    • is there a way the learner could manually identify this? shifting timelines etc
  • how to connect learner goals to things to track? make suggestions? are they random? how could they be informed suggestions?
  • simplicity and ease of “touch-notes”
  • also talked briefly about SJRK scenarios 
    • Dana wants to create a scenario or two based on info that SJRK partners have sent re: the youth organisations and programs they are working with
  • also briefly discussed developer interviews and MyL3 programming activity
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