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Present: Colin, Dana, Michelle, Alan, Jess, Yan

Metrics Related to Personalization/Adaptation/Configuration
  • Amount of sleep
  • frequency of adjusting settings
  • how often you change a preference you've already set
  • are you revisiting preference choices later, after setting them?
  • time interval between settings changes
  • frequency of computer use relative to settings changes
  • how often you add new preferences
  • total number of preferences
  • which preferences, which categories
  • Goal-defined metrics:
  • frequency of common errors
  • typing mistakes (erasing?)
  • misclicks
  • use of delete key, back button, etc.
  • rooted in preference adjustment
  • Qualititive, self-reflective measures
  • User reports on the "quality of experience: while accomplishing a particular task
  • Self-identified, self-assessment of errors, etc. 
  • Metrics like the above, but articulated by users themselves rather than inferred/tracked automatically
  • Allow the individual to declare the relevance of metrics to them

  • Framework for encouraging ongoing, reflective self-assessment around self-defined and/or suggested questions. Could be:
  • Freeform ("How am I doing today?")
  • Scale-based ("On a scale of 1-10", "frequently / occasionally / seldom / never")
  • "How do you interpret this metric?"
  • self-defined, adjustable goals over time
  • Gradual refinement of goals towards the goal you really want to achieve - discovery 
  • auto-tracked details (preference adjustments etc) + personal annotations
  • combine with mutual usability "testing" - work together with user to annotate over time
  • user continues to have access to/ownership over notes, data, etc. gathered as part of usability testing (by virtue of it all being connected to their personal dashboard)

 Next Steps:
  • generalised journal (not learner-centric)
  • standard tracking with added layer of personal annotation/reflection
  • include self-defined/adjustable goal tracking?
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