This short (10 sec) illustrated animation was created in order to playfully describe the BEING Futures Project co-design process.

  • The red dot and text "You are here" indicates that our starting point - the current state of BEING Studio
  • The red rocket indicates the Zoom spaceship on which we will be journeying together on this mission to design the future of BEING studio
  • The looping path of the spaceship indicates our non-linear path as we respond and reflect to each collaborative interaction, including both the co-design sessions with BEING artists, as well as the planning sessions between the IDRC and BEING Studio folks
  • The 3 co-design sessions are indicated by the 3 planets along the path of the spaceship, on which we will be landing together to collaboratively design the future of BEING
  • And finally, landing on Planet BEING Futures together, with a creative mapping of BEING Futures: a place to share art and stay connected through a combination of both in-person and online tools and activities. 

View the animation on Youtube

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