Why Name the Fluid Software?

We've seen several other software products, both commercial and open source, use the "Fluid" name in their titles. Most prominent was the
recent release of the Fluid application for Mac OS X, but there are streaming servers and other tools that share our name. We've created a strong and well-known brand for the Fluid Project, but our software releases are a bit more ambiguous.

To distinguish our own releases from the various other Fluids out there, it was suggested that we come up with a unique name for our software releases. This includes the Fluid JavaScript framework and components.

I (Unknown User (colin.clark@utoronto.ca)) am famous for being terrible at coming up with names, so I'd like to solicit the community for suggestions. Perhaps something that goes with the water or liquid theme of the project name?

The Suggestions so Far

  • Fluid: Absinthe (or Apple jUIce?) (beverage theme for releases - e.g. Mac's apples/felines with alphabetical release increment)
  • Uifld (the UI comes first)
  • Fluid-taculo-us
  • Fluid: Hydrate or DIE
  • Aquia (aquia.com and aquia.org already taken)
  • Elixar (elixar.com already taken) (elixar.org is available)
  • Fluidica (fluidia.com already taken) (fluidica.org is available)
  • Affluid (affluid.com is available)
  • Fluid-Vitae (fluid-vitae.com is available)
  • Fluid Flow
  • Fluid Rush
  • Liquid by the Fluid Project
  • Babbling Brook
  • Roaring Falls
  • Chuckling Creek
  • Flush
  • Ice Cubes
  • Popsicles
  • Stream
  • Rapid
  • Whirlpool
  • Flood
  • Pool
  • Steam
  • Boil
  • Wave
  • Tide
  • Tsunami
  • Fluid Lava
  • Fluid Magma
  • Fluid "Igneous"
  • Plasma
  • Fiat Liquidus ("Let there be Liquid")
  • Carpe Fluidica
  • Fluid 10cc
  • Fluid Goo
  • Fluid (Joy) Juice
  • Fluid Nectar
  • Fluid Gulp
  • Fluid Potion
  • Fluid Extract
  • Fluid Chain Lightning
  • Fluid Firewater
  • Fluid Brew
  • Fluid Infusion
  • Fluid Libation
  • Fluid Mist
  • Fluid Rain(drops, fall, storm)
  • Fluid Shower
  • Fluid Sprinkle
  • Fluid Torrent
  • Fluid Elixir (I kinda like this one! (smile) )
  • Fluid Lager
  • Fluid Pale Ale
  • Fluid Pilsner
  • Fluid IPA
  • Fluid Stout
  • Fluid Malt
  • Pingo
  • Palsa
  • Pereletock
  • Talik
  • Cryopeg
  • Thufur
  • Clathrate
  • Polyana (okay, that's more about melting I guess.)
  • Moraine
  • Cirque
  • Tarn
  • Esker
  • Arêtes
  • Kame
  • Drumlin
  • Kettle
  • Sheepback
  • Eclogite
  • Perovskite
  • Harzburgite
  • Lherzolite
  • Dunite
  • Wehrlite
  • Fluid Caffeine
  • Fluid Latte
  • Fluid Mocha
  • Fluid Caramel Macchiato
  • Fluid Non-Fat Half-Sweet Soy-Milk Decaf Mochaccino
  • Fluid Vim
  • Fluid Comet
  • Fluid Mr. Clean
  • Fluid Achilles
  • Fluid Odysseus
  • Fluid Agamemnon

Alphabetical Naming Schemes

  • aromatic infusion
  • berry infusion
  • chai infusion
  • nuclear in fusion
  • Fluid Drop 0.1
    • Fluid Droplets (0.1) [comment: along the lines of portlet, servlet, applet, ...]
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  1. My top 5 are: Fluid Infusion, Fluid Elixir, Liquid by the Fluid Project, Fluid Flow, Fluid Flood

  2. My favourite is Fluid Drop

  3. Infusion

    I like the connotation of exceptional UI code mellowly seeping its way into web applications everywhere. Elixer is pretty good too.

  4. Infusion is also my vote.

  5. "Drop" makes perfect sense to me. It is a "drop"...

  6. My vote is for "Infusion."

    The connotation of the Fluid toolkit being infused into the applications that use it, spreading throughout... seems appropriate.

  7. i like Fluid Drop and Liquid by the Fluid Project.

    what about Squid?
    haha ... just kidding!