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Dana, Colin, Lisa, Alan

  • Alan has been working on prototype (data storage, preference tracking, journal entry etc)
  •  what do we have for users?
  •  we need a design roadmap
  •  technical artifacts we created (e.g. for Hewlett visit) can be a starting point


  • consider MyL3 in the job centres as a kind of user-led usability testing
  • we want to consider the metrics we can gather and track, as well as questions users can answer themselves
  • what metrics are appropriate for determining the success of GPII?
  • we need to consider the use-cases in that context: literacy needs, learning needs etc
  • pilots will likely take place early next summer
  • we will shelve the simple UI for job centres right now (Dana will post on wiki)

So what do we do now?

  • Alan proposed that we create a simple UI for “data definition” - i.e. manual tracking that would allow a user to track something not otherwise available
  • allowing the user to “shape the structure"
  • include UIO as a data source as well
  • include other external auto-tracking sources (AJC metrics, or environmental data etc)
  • this could just be an interactive prototype


  • features of basic UI including
    • text field entry for self-defined prompt
    • text field entry for “kind of measurement”
    • text field entry for frequency of measurement
    • etc

  • Lisa suggested we start designing for mobile first
    •  this won’t be appropriate for APCP since the pilots will be desktop only
    •  but this probably makes sense otherwise
  • Lisa had some questions about the intentions/goals of the MyL3 work - will put these into writing
  • Dana will work on sketching out a UI as proposed and we will re-visit in 3 weeks to 1 month
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