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OpenVULab Web Component Vision

Remote Usability Research

OpenVULab Web Component's greatest goal is to provide an easy way to operate remote usability testing primarily for websites. OpenVULab will allow people from all technical backgrounds to run a full reporting and capture project for a usability survey on a remote or local computer.

OpenVULab Web Component's Impact on Participating Projects

The OpenVULab Web Component will provide the control and interface for the greater OpenVULab project and thus will have a large impact. Within the greater Fluid / usability community , the OpenVULab Web Component will become a standardized tool for testing all components and projects that require usability testing.

Over the next years the OpenVULab Web Component will gain strength by allowing tech savvy participants to integrate their own survey tools and results analysis tools to provide even greater flexibility and power.

OpenVULab Web Component will establish and sustain an open community for usability testing standards and ways to test, record, and act on them.

Powerful Researchers, Intuitive Testing.

OpenVULab Web Component's approach to programming will be to provide researchers will every tool that we can to provide the best testing experience. Giving our researchers this power will allow for a more intuitive testing protocol and more accurate results.

OpenVULab Web Component's researchers will be able to create projects for a specific study on a website and then create a pre-study-test survey, and a post-study-test survey. The study testing will show the tester a website with a specific (or broad depending on researchers intent) goals that the tester will carry out. All results will be formatted and given to the researcher including:

  1. pre-video survey results
  2. post-video survey results
  3. video of the study-test in progress
  4. audio of the study-test in progress

A Flexible and Inclusive System

OpenVULab Web Component recognizes the need to build systems that are more adaptive and responsive to the unique needs of our users. We believe that a well-designed, flexible survey/data tool plug-in system will accommodate diversity in a way that will allow almost any researchers preferences in terms of survey protocols to be accounted and well designed for.


At its core, the OpenVULab Web Component will provide collaboration between researchers and testers in a robust and easy to use platform for usability testing.

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