Infrastructure Diagram

This is the infrastructure diagram for Prosperity4All. It is a high-level design document. It shows the work packages and subsystems that comprise the Prosperity4All infrastructure. The diagram is based on the information contained within the P4A Description of Work (DOW).

P4All Infrastructure Diagram.pdf

Ecosystem Diagram

This diagram visualize all the system users as well as the stakeholders.

P4All High Level Ecosystem.pdf

Interaction Flow Diagrams

This diagram shows an example of the interconnections among different elements of the infrastructure.These connections will be established for all the main activities that should happen within the P4A infrastructure.

P4All Ecosystem Connections.pdf

First Draft - Flat Infrastructure Model

The grey bubbles in the background represent the DoW workpackages, such as DSpace, AoD, Unified Listing, etc. The circles in the foreground represent the required features within each workpackage. And the arrows display the connection between features in different workpackages and the ecosystem inputs and outputs.

P4A Ecosystem.JPG

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