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  1. Decide on communication plan
  2. Establish a structure for recurring meetings
  3. Catch-up on materials from workshop
  4. General timeline for the process
  5. Quick recap of co-design process
  6. Next steps



Regular meetings will be bi-weekly; specific dates will be determined through a doodle or whenisgood poll. An email will be sent to the list inviting participants to the poll when it is created.

Google docs and Workshop materials are being posted on the wiki; Jim will port seniors-related Google docs


  • interactions, experiences – NOT wireframes
  • stay within application settings
  • include questions and uncertainties
  • possibilities: mp3 file to accompany an image, text
  • suggestion: 2-step process to capture relationships and containment (Jutta will post example)
  • we'll add links in wiki to other design sketches

Bill Buxton's 'Sketching User Experience' is a great toolkit -

This link will be posted to the wiki in a new Resources section

Next steps for everyone

Sketch your ideas for preference tools – in your application setting – and share them on the mailing list or on the wiki.

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Dana to talk about talking about the sketches
  • start talking about the sketches
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