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  1. Check in regarding collaboration technologies
  2. Discuss the workshop report
  3. Discuss requirements document
  4. Discuss co-design process moving forward


Wiki seems ok; people concerned about knowing when updates happen. Anastasia will email list about configuring automatic updates.

Final comments on Workshop Report due Nov. 7th.

Jess walked us through the brainstorming images; clarified that scope of this project is "first discovery" i.e. that first column of "get me in and get me started" only.

Jess walked us through Dana's sketch; comments included:

  • if change doesn't apply on current page, what would 'undo' do?
  • need to build some form of verification in, too; very important
  • can we verify before switching screens?
  • treat the "next" button as confirmation? Have the "next" button reflect whatever was just chosen, e.g. language, etc.

 Design team still needs to think through these deeper details of interaction.

Next Steps

- try to sketch out further

- go back to grid in Jess's images

- check back in: are we incorporating the conversations?

- get more feedback

- think more about undo and verification

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  1. I looked at the design. We need the ability to resize the buttons - especially the undo button. The Undo button is really small relative to things like forward and backward also. I would like to have some of these "always there" functions aligned in a toolbar so that people could find them on a regular basis. 

    There was also a discussion of having breadcrumbs in the process at the workshop. There is a progress indicator but no breadcrumbs.

    I think Sound should be a volume control vs. an on/off switch. A user could turn the volume on and not be able to hear it. We could be operating in a noisy area.

    Also Zooming should also include am magnification level. ... zoom in and zoom out.

    The gamification of the cat should include speech with the text. We have have a illiterate user.


    Thank you for pulling this together.