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Draft Agenda

  1. Roll call (Kate)
  2. Discussion of comments on Workshop Report around "inputs" to the FD tool (Cynthia)
  3. Discuss latest sketches and comments
    1. Shari (Conversational style interaction)
    2. Whiteney (email, image)
    3. Jim (Assistance, Gamification, Seniors in different environments)
  4. Discuss Dana's updated designs (to be posted) (Dana)
  5. Considering specificity of application settings when discussing sketches (Kate/Jim)



  • Kate
  • Cynthia
  • Dana - assessment
  • Jan - voting
  • Jess - OER
  • Jim - seniors
  • John - seniors
  • Madeleine - assessment
  • Mari - assessment
  • Shari - seniors
  • Amy - seniors
  • Anastasia - seniors
  • Kathy
  • Whiteney
  • Phil

Workshop Report

Conclusions need to be fleshed out; Anastasia to help Cynthia

Inputs into FD process (notes in document)

Shari's contribution

Idea: Changing a given setting might change your mind about something you set earlier e.g. high contrast might mean you don't actually want large text anymore.

Confirmation: Should we have a final confirmation in addition to each one? Maybe for FD, no, might be confusing. Just end the process. If you want to change your mind, that's the next tool, not the FD tool. FD is just utilitarian, "get in the door."

Conversational style good for users not familiar with typical computer controls, but heavy burden on text and language.

  • how we show things
  • how we ask questions
  • sequencing

Dana's updated designs

Toolbar shows process and progress, as well as navigation

Switch scanning will be removed

Dana's design shows the prefs that would be set by the FD tool

Previewing: preview and confirm would be confined i.e. confirmation happens on the preview screen; how to distinguish "confirming the default" from "not understanding and just pressing next"?

Whitney: User experience tells us that, for most users, "next" equals "confirm"; two-step confirmations drive people insane; maybe no "live preview"Phi on the undo button, just in case?

Confirmation or no confirmation might be different for different preferences, and for different application settings.

Previews must be realistic e.g. not just tones for volume but actual spoken words

Considering specificity of application settings when discussing sketches

Is what we're doing relevant for each app setting? what are implications for each app setting? Should we have meetings focus on particular app settings?

We need more focus on the specific application settings.

Next Steps

Dana will make one more round of edits on the sketches, then:

Run Dana's sketch through virtual use cases in each application setting to identify gaps, etc.

     as homework, for discussion at next meeting

Show Dana's sketches to people in particular application settings.


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