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  • Accessibility (? I'm looking into this a bit) - Barbara
  • Tabs
  • Pagination
    • Item Pagination
    • Search Pagination
  • Many items in a table, with;
    • links to items and related objects
    • data display columns
    • operations individual items
    • operations on multiple items
    • filters
    • table headers
    • sorts
    • pagination
  • Inline Editing
    • Save on Edit
    • Edit then Explicitly Save (e.g. when editing multiple items)
  • Confirm Change Before Saving
  • Undo

1 Comment

  1. The 'Many Items in a Table' component is something I have been thinking about and discussing in the context of drupal;

    I will probably design an interface and help implement an API for it in drupal through the Season of Usability project;