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Link to prototype

Please note the following when using the prototype:

  • The prototype is designed to be used on a mobile phone, but can also be used on a desktop with a mouse

    • Please navigate through the prototype using the buttons provided in the interface, rather than by navigating linearly through the pages/screens using the page numbers that appear underneath the prototype interface

    • It is created in Adobe XD and is currently not keyboard/screenreader accessible 

  • Many options are limited (some check boxes and buttons not available, text-fields are pre-programmed to certain entries)

    • Available options are highlighted in blue when an unavailable option is selected

    • Available text entry buttons are highlighted in pink

  • Tutorial options are limited - only one is currently available, all others TBD

  • The categories of storybuilder questions are currently limited to two: 1. Device type, and 2. Type of internet services used. Other options could be added such as location of internet use (public vs. private wi-fi connection), as well as a wider selection of options in each category

  • The privacy map is a placeholder - this will provide a way for the user to understand the direct connections between the options they select about their internet use (device, services, etc) and their personal information that is vulnerable to misuse

  • Weighing the risks and benefits - when this button is selected it will lead to a series of screens that provide a way for the user to understand the benefits (to them) of sharing their personal information (e.g. often this is related to better usability) and the risks of sharing that same information
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