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User Testable HTML Representation of John Travoltage (Jan - Mar 2016)

The goal is to be able to test an HTML equivalent of the John Travoltage sim with users and get feedback on:

  • Usefulness of static and dynamic descriptions.
  • Ease of use of the slider interface.

There will not be any sonification currently, but maybe for 2nd round of user testing.

User Testing (Jan - Mar 2016)

Create a user testing protocol3dJH 
User test HTML demo with users5dJH 
Compile notes from user testing1dJH 
Update design based on feedback3dJH 

Infrastructure (Jan - Mar 2016)

Set up a repo to host the code.0.5dJO


Finalize Sim Description Strings (Jan - Mar 2016)

Revise and condense wording1.5dJHDONE
Determine how to represent the string possibilities in code. JODepends on above
Confirm vocabulary with PhET1dJH 

Create a Usable HTML Representation of the Sim (Jan - Mar 2016)

Create a basic HTML document with required elements.1dJO / JH


Create a component to handle discharging and electrons2dJODONE
Implement electron discharge alert1dJODONE
Implement dynamic sim discription  DONE
Description of electron quantity1dJODONE
Slider value text1dJODONE
Handle electron discharge at a slider value 151dJODONE
Handle electron generation at slider value 151dJODONE



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