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There are three steps to getting RASCAL 0.5B integrated on a webpage:

1. Add the rascal.jar applet to your page:

<APPLET name="rascal" ARCHIVE="rascal.jar,jvftplib.jar" CODE=org.fluidproject.vulab.rascal.ScreencastApplet.class

Ensure that all jars are digitally signed so that they have filesystem access.

2. To obtain the sessionid from rascal after the recording occurs, you can use the following javascript: document.rascal.getSessionid();

3. The resulting code will be available at the following URL:<sessionid>.avi where <sessionid> is the sessionid retrieved in step 2 (above).

NB: The backend process to convert the upload into an avi movie runs every 30 minutes on the hour.  This can be tuned on the server-side.

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