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This is the list of requirements identified in the first Stakeholder Workshop (Sept. 15-16, 2014) for the Accessible Voting application setting. The group organized the requirements into categories, which are reflected in the column headings.

Make it FastSettings Used in Voting ContextAdditional Benefits or IssuesIn-context ways to view and adjust settingsWay to draw people in (who may "resist")/How to Attract UsersTransporting Needs + PrefsUse video to introduceConsider Pathways to kiosk is have voted but needs assistance + could benefit/ How and when voters encounter this process
Fast and EasyContrastCan voting prefs be used for all comms with E.O.Split screen settings + previewOpen audio at kioskInterpreting a GPII user fileAutomatic open audioSame interface everywhere
Fast Enough to be a normal part of startup, not a task in itselfText SizeHeadset also blocks out noise of polling placeScreen-shots of presetsMakes users aware of what is possibleBallot activation cardCaptioned, described? video introSame tool whever you use it (home/polling station)
Part of Process Complete Fast, not a delayAudio/Headset first offeredSecurity and Privacy"Preview" of settings selectedPoll worker helps out at starte Poll book10-sec video (short!)Where does prefs selection happen?
Short in DurationLanguage Choice Preview "Screenshots" for non-visual preferencesFloating poll workers with tablets facilitate in-line while-u-wait prefs discoveryWay to transfer prefs to voting machineEngaging info on how to use tool (video intro) but briefCould people set preferences on a table while waiting in line?
Short and SimpleAudio - Headset implies audio ballot Ballot-based demo for presetsRecruit users and channel to tool versionEncode prefs in 2d barcode  
 Audio and written language Presets and varied ways to selectProvide redundant options (rather than asking "do u need alternate input")Way to get needs prefs to voting machine  
 Adaptations for different devices (what is automatic)      
 Input device including AT      
 Video -> language -> alternate input      
 Limited N and P Set      
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