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Dashboard Features Matrix

FunctionBasic FeaturesAdvanced FeaturesNice to Haves
Goal setting
  • ability to set flexible goals
  • priority setting 
  • labeling - personal annotations
  • Self evaluation for a particular goal 
    • including general challenges and preference 
  •  collaborative goal setting (sharing canvas, timelines, milestones)

  • give user option to hide/show goals
  • When user is not taking action towards a goal, it starts vanishing from the main view and moved to a Wish-to-do bucket
Timeline setting
  • ability to set flexible timeline
  • flexiblity to add, edit, and remove milestones
  • Preferences for defining a timeline (self-defined, recommended, combination)

  • connecting the dashboard to calendar applications

  •  Referring to other timeline/process for similar goals.
  • Connecting the dashboard to other applications (e.g. fitness, diet, learning, gps, maps, etc.)
  • Provide a layer of personal annotation on top of that
Reward/badging system
  • Setting up a preferred reward system
  • display of finished goals/achievements on dashboard with easy access to view and replicate the process for each. ( complete or partial )
  • ability to reward others
  • ability to import other's reward systems
  • option to set personal and custom messages
  • request for review, feedback, supervision, mentorship
Access permission
  • Giving partial or complete access of your dashboard ( parents/peers/teachers)
  • ability to share resources, material, process, etc.
  • ability to annotate/flag/highlight specific insights on the journal
  • Open note taking interface (adding personal experiences and progress)

    • could be linked to other goals

  • a board/canvas to add all related materials/links to a goal on the journal/dashboard
User Interface
  • integrating preference setting
  • enabling user to craft a process based on journal insights
  • an option for easy, quick and accessible logging of information
  • providing custom viewing of the data (high level multi goals, detailed view of a specific goal, interlinking particular goals,  
    • easy switching of views, overview of an year, a month
  • providing different design options and complexity levels for different age groups
  • building blocks
  • encourage users to try different preferences
  • Preference setting for sharing and visibility
Interface with the GPII
  • ability to upload and apply GPII preferences to the dashboard interface
  • ability to track changes and additions to GPII preferences (user-directed)
  • ability to easily bridge with GPII tool to allow tweaking/refinement of preferences over course of using the dashboard
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