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Present: Dana, Michelle, Alan, Colin, Lisa


  • Alan is working on the custom tracking foundation

  • we need to move away from developing in the “abstract”
    • create a simplified UI mockup that Alan can work with (simplify existing mockup)

  • hoping to do some APCP pilots earlier than originally planned

  • what to do for APCP pilots?
    • no clear metrics defined yet
    • suggest that we work on a simple UI for APCP pilots that would include:
    • auto-tracking of 2 metrics (e.g. time spent with GPII, etc)
    • 2 survey-like questions we can ask (before and after experience)
    • basic entry and exit into UI
    • assume contextual awareness of the GPII (UIO as placeholder now)

  • at the same time we need to take a step back and consider the toolkit from larger FLOE perspective, including recent discussion with Jutta around cognitive needs and 3rd-party decision making
    • Dana and Lisa (and anyone else) to work on a mind-map of the toolkit space!
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