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Dana, Sepideh, Michelle, Jess, Alan

  • Provide features to enable various scenarios. For example, allow users to upload videos, images, stories.
  • Before digital educations, teachers were using their own props and each teacher had a different teaching style, and each student might have preferred a teacher because of their teaching style. In digital context, we can use these digital props to enhance our story.
  • Using the example of Garage Band, it'd be interesting to drag information in and see various data at once, like dragging weather data, health data, etc.
  • Making data something that anyone could play with.
  • Thinking about how to show something that is changing and it's not just a static chart. Getting to the experience of an individual piece. Examples of Tableau and Gates foundation stories behind data
  • Consider the convenience of a 'Touchnote'. It's better to have the 'Touchnote' readily available on the top level of the interface instead of having to go down multiple levels to reach the 'Touchnote'.
  • Implementation wise, we have to have something to show for July 2018. Probably we need to start building in the new year. In the mean time we can continue the design work and exploration of the touchnotes and their integration with MyL3.
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