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Colin, Dana, Simon, Sepideh, Michelle

We discussed these mockups

On Boarding

  • During the introduction, user should have the option to skip the intro and start exploring
  • Although user can skip the intro, they should not feel that they can't go back to it. They should be informed that the choices they make are not final, and they can always go back to it and change things

User Interface

  • Whencreating a Touchnote:
    • To make touchnote creation less complicated, we can remove the step for choosing the touchnote category (food, places, activities, etc.)
    • on the touchnote creation panel, provide filtering/sorting options to facilitate the process
  • When creating a Textnote:
    • note: I think in the "type of answer" section (when setting up text notes) we might need to add a yes/no option
  • In Data Glance view:
    • make sure the save/snapshhot/keep this is clear and exposed and not hidden under different menus and user can easily find it to create a group or query
    • Simon will share some examples of tab grouping in Edge Browser
    • Number of different queries can be boxed and stacked so user can quickly select and navigate between groups
  • At this point it is not really clear how we can integrate Nexus
  • We might consider data transformation and pattern recognition.
  • The scale of data could allow for pattern recognition. For example a person might not consider some factors in various time scales from small to large, however, when it is monitored by someone else those patterns could be recognized.


  • the tool will potentially collect a lot of personal information
  • we need to ensure not only that the user's info is secure, but that they trust/feel/know that it is secure
  • we want to be sure to include this in the early designs so that it is integral
  • it is related to creating a user account
  • is it in settings?
  • perhaps there are no privacy settings, rather all the info is private (unless the user decides to share it in some way)
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