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The goal of the IDRC’s MyL3 project is to develop a toolkit that will engage a broad spectrum of learners in a self-directed, personalized learning process. Whether used by children in school or adults learning new skills, the goal of the toolkit is to provide the means of self-reflection required for a learner to determine how they learn best. The toolkit will enable learners to set flexible goals and customizable milestones towards achieving those goals, based on their unique needs and preferences.

The toolkit will engage learners themselves – supported by personalized learning analytics – as aspiring research scientists in the important subject of self-regulation and self-determination. The tools will include extensible supports that allow learners to become experimental researchers in the subject of their own learning. They can set up inquiries, instrument these inquiries (sensor, monitors, etc.), monitor the data, analyze the data (with adjustable presentation styles that match their needs), and use the results to make adjustments to their learning.

Customization is a key aspect of the toolkit. For example, it might provide ways for the learner to

  • self-construct an interface from a collection of building blocks,

  • determine when, where, and how they enter personal data,

  • interact with a data presentation tool that allows them to choose the mode in which their data is presented back to them.

The toolkit will also support the social aspects of learning by providing affordances for the sharing of preference sets, sharing of personal goals or other data, or working collaboratively in real time. The approach is learner-led, and encourages self-reflection of progress against personal goals, rather than comparison or competition with others.

More information about the MyL3 project is available at:

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