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The Fluid Project technical schedule is split into three main phases. The first phase, spanning April to July 2007, provides an opportunity to define project policies and processes, evaluate technologies, and start on user research and persona creation. The second phase, running from August 2007 to July 2008 will deliver a working component framework and set of reusable components based on the needs identified by our user research and design process. These components will be richly customizable at configuration-time but will likely not include user preferences-driven transformations. The last phase of the project, spanning August 2008 through March 2009 will focus on implementing the user preferences editor and top-priority run-time transformation use cases to the architecture.

The development of the component framework will occur in an agile and incremental manner, ensuring that we continually deliver working versions of the software that can be integrated into our partner projects based on their preferred schedules. The core architecture team will begin developing a full-stack component framework within the first two months of the project start date and will continue to evolve and enhance this functionality throughout the duration of the project based on design and testing feedback. As a result, milestones in the Project Schedule represent points in time when significant functionality or integration will be delivered.

At all stages, the implementation of the Fluid Project architecture will be driven and informed by the user experience research and design work that will occur concurrently with development. The project will deliver the development and integration of a functional, production-worthy component framework into several partner projects, including the creation of a focused set of useful reusable components. We will also provide the implementation and integration of the highest-priority transformable UI components as identified by our design research and partner needs.

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