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  1. Overview of what has been changed and what is left to do (Heidi)
  2. Thoughts on where we draw the line for 1.4 and what we'll do in 1.5 (Michelle)
  3. People bring forward their questions and places they would like to draw attention to
  4. Division of review tasks


high level UIO changes since 1.3:

-split into 3 different layouts and created 3 components to implement each, and 3 demos to demo each
-changed the way some controls work (slider updated, checkboxes replacing radio etc)
-split controls into 3 components that load templates for each section
-added 2 new themes (black on yellow, yellow on black)
-added stuff to support fat panel:  slidingPanel & tabs components, autoSave option to UIO
-upgraded UIO code to use IOC
-stand alone test page with real world content created
-upgrade UIEnhancer to use IOC

left to do:
-TOC work
-Live preview
-!important injection
-layout editing (css/html) for all 3: tweaking, resizing, applying themes, diff browsers


Cindy & Antranig - UI Options (fine tooth coming)
Heidi & Colin - remove importants
Heidi & James - review design implementation
Mike & Michelle - UI Enhancer
Harris & Justin - ToC
Mike & Justin - Live preview

other stuff:
-fat panel broken in IE6
-test all 3 layouts w screen readers

Fat Panel UI Options

Full No Preview UI Options

Full Preview UI Options

Sliding Panel


  • The unit tests, they should use a temp store instead of cookie store.
    • Mike to look at
  • Future:
    • HTML5 local storage
    • CouchDB + OpenID

UI Enhancer

  • Should UI Enhancer be made into an autoinit component?
    • yes, doesn't appear to be a reason not to
  • Should we do anything more to UI Enhancer prior to the ants refactoring?
    • make private functions public (if needed, mark any as unsupported)

UI Options

  • Can we improve upon UI Option's use of UI Enhancer?
    • UI Options shouldn't directly have a UI Enhancer but a reference to the Enhancer's model and applier
  • defaults shouldn't reference items that are outside the scope of it's own defaults, these should be in demands blocks
  • templateLoader
    • it's current state is good for this version of UI Option, will need to be refactored when the future UI Options is in place
  • preview shouldn't be part of the base ui options defaults
  • The variants of UI Options are not really ui option components, but some other component that has a ui option in it.
    • This is analogous to the reorderer
    • We shouldn't worry about the base ui options having any viewable defaults. This will be further discussed.

General Tasks

  1. Clean up copyright statements
  2. Linting
  3. Check dependency files
  4. Review api changes from 1.3.1 to 1.4

General Questions

  1. Do we still want the integration demos that we have? (Sakai and uPortal)
    • yes for the Sakai demo the uPortal one is up to Justin
  2. Why is the in context demo in the stand alone demo folder? Where should we put it?
    • Michelle to check in with Anastasia
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