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Work in Progress

This page is currently being worked on and is not complete.

Who, what - First dimension of ID

  • “Recognize, respect, and design for human uniqueness and variability.”

When, where, how - Second dimension of ID

  • “Use inclusive, open & transparent processes, and co-design with people who have a diversity of perspectives, including people that can’t use or have difficulty using the current designs.”

Why - Third dimension of ID

  • “Realize that you are designing in a complex adaptive system.”

Principle 1 - Who / What

Each person visiting your website is a unique individual with different needs, preferences, and ability to adapt to situations. Since most websites are rather static once they're hosted, how can websites change, flex, and adapt to account for such human diversity?

User Interface Options (or UI Options, or "UIO"),

Principle 2 - When / Where / How

Principle 3 - Why

Questions to answer:

  • ongoing maintenance of UIO, upgrading, changes and new features, etc.
  • how to use UIO for wordpress
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