The following notes were gathered at a meeting discussing the UI Options Text to Speech designs and the technical issues implementing those designs.


Node server changes:

  • download: bind link to button

Floating text to speech widget:

  • floating, draggable, non-moving when page scrolls
  • when kbd focused, arrows move it
    • need to determine increments
  • movable nature is low priority
    ==> punt movability
  • tooltip: timed, fades, is read out


  • keyboard shortcuts
    • inline edit?
    • monitor keystrokes

Selection and Play popup:

  • popup appears on release of mouse; does not move as mouse drags
  • determine what's selected
    • look for mouse down, then query dom
      • how to determine node? find current active element: will be node
      • actual selection could be mid-node
    • keyboard?
  • play popup must be in correct dom order
  • play popup disappears on activate
  • if selection begins mid-word, entire word spoken
    ==> articulate issues on-list

Highlighting in document (enactor's job)

  • parsing by word
  • parsing by sentence
  • inject spans on words and sentences
  • move class around
    • we know node, not necessarily word or sentence
      • can't use these nodes for tts (would sound disjointed)
  • coordinate with speech
    ==> no word-level highlighting on first pass

DOM order not necessarily same as desired reading order

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