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User Goals

  1. To meet daily needs
    1. browse, search and find existing goods & services
    2. inform the community of unmet needs/ gaps
    3. communicate/negotiate with providers to personalize and customize products

  2. To meet learning needs
    1. learn how to use goods & services
    2. learn how to build/develop goods & services
    3. get training and build skills

  3. To meet organizational needs
    1. browse, search and find existing goods & services
    2. communicate/negotiate with providers to customize goods & services

  4. To sell goods & services
    1. reach target audience
    2. access global market

  5. To help/enrich the community
    1. offer volunteer services
    2. offer free goods
    3. offer financial resources
    4. offer expertise and knowledge

  6. Find ideas/inspiration/resources for developing new goods & services


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  1. Sepideh, a few comments and questions.

    • what would be the ultimate goal of a user specifying their needs (re: 1.a.)? wouldn't the ultimate goal be to find services or goods? same goes for communicating with producers...
    • looking at this now, I'm realising that 1 and 2 don't quite fit at the same level as the rest. The needs (daily needs or learning needs) are really about the motivation of the user rather than the action they would take in the platform; perhaps it make more sense to break down the "find services" and "find goods" categories, for example:
    • Find services
      • to meet daily needs
      • to meet learning needs
      • etc
    • Find goods
      • to meet daily needs
      • to meet learning needs
      • browse/search existing products
      • etc
    • I don't want to lose the distinction between those needs (as we discussed at the meeting), but it seems they don't fit at the same level as the rest.


  2. Dana Ayotte Thanks for the comments. When I'm looking at the list again, I see that finding a service/product is not the ultimate goal and it is a means to achieve another goal, which is meeting daily needs/learning needs. Looking back at the list, I see other overlaps between goals as well e.g. offering volunteer services and offering free goods can also stem from the same motivation to give back to the community. or broadcasting an unmet need happens to make a daily need met.

    I have updated the list; the main points represent the goals and the sub-points represent the activities that happen to achieve the goal. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks