The following is a list of features gathered based on a review of the Video Player mock-ups presented by Tona on Monday, Nov. 7, 2011.

Minimum Viability Requirements

Goal: First official release of Video Player

Context: Inclusive Learning Design Handbook (ILDH); Once minimum requirements are implemented, player will be added to ILDH.

Playback and Control

  • Play/pause video
  • Scrub bar
  • Some indication that it's buffering
  • Volume control
  • Full screen
  • Time codes (current and total)
  • Keyboard accessibility (Level I functionality via keyboard) and screen reader usability

Alternative Formats

  • Closed Captions (including descriptions of sounds)
    • Localization
  • Described Video
    • Localization

Next Features (in order)

  • Universal Subtitles
    • Turn on/off
    • Create
  • Transcripts synchronized to audio

All Requirements

  • Show/hide all controls on hover, time-based
  • Controls enlarge with UIO settings
  • Scrub bar
    • load progress
    • play progress
      • draggable
        • with frame preview (see below)
  • Chapter markers
  • Bookmarks
    • add/remove onto chapter markers
    • create URLs for bookmarks
  • Play/Pause
  • Volume/Mute
  • Volume slider
  • CC
  • Timecodes
    • editable for navigation
  • Share
  • Embed
    • html snipped
    • adjustable size
    • options
  • Narration (what exactly is "narration?" captions? descriptions?)
    • option: narration volume
    • option: choice of available narrations
    • option: request narration
  • Transcript
    • automatic scrolling
    • highlight current phrase (i.e. synchronization)
    • adjustable transcript window size
    • scrollbar appears on hover
    • can highlight section of transcript, highlights corresponding section of scrub bar
    • collapsed bottom bar (representing controls) when transcript present
    • option: choice of available transcripts
    • option: request transcript
  • Full-screen mode
    • location of some controls is different
  • Adjustable window size
  • Multiple qualities
    • multiple load progress indicators
  • Frame preview with timecode
    • with transcript snippet
  • Layout adjusts automatically to changes in browser window size.
  • Layout switching: horizontal vs. vertical (full-screen mode)
  • Full screen: height of transcript pane adjustable
  • Full screen: width of transcript pane adjustable
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