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This document is designed as a high level overview of what needs to happen to switch from phpESP to a proper MVC framework (currently CakePHP or CodeIgniter). This document is the start of a plan for the transition and the grassroots for the new version of VULab WEB.

This is a work in progress - Patience is a virtue (smile)

To-do and Info for VULab Transition to a MVC Framework

  • Re-map Database Schema
  • Complete Re-write of User Signup/Register/Management /etc
  • Borrow Code from Existing Classes to Create Models (Project, Survey, User Etc)
    • How much can be re-used will vary as new Data Models will be extremely simplified compared to existing code.
  • Convert Template to MVC Style Template(s) - break into views and/or parent layout
    • Relatively simple as phpESP does have a single include for each "where" in the /admin/includes/where folder.
  • Complete Re-write of Survey Creation Process
    • Decide what question types we want
    • Do we want conditional questions? (that depth?)
  • Construct a Generic (and easy to modify) VULab configuration file
  • Write a New Readme (for use and installation)
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