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102.1 feedback -- get in touch with Matthia about next steps for that deliverable

helping out with ecosystem map

supporting design work

keeping up to date and keeping other SPs informed -- through monthly report

met with Sepideh re: personas; settled on a template and split up work to collaborate on

will talk through work linked above; Vivien and PhD and MA student at JIBS -- working on payment systems work; Paolo -- were hoping to bring him on wrt community currency, issues with resources shifting -- JIBS can't contract anyone right now. Have to get that settled before he can work with us.

keeping informed

"real users" almost 10 conversation/interviews; personas with Katerina; meeting weekly; ecosystem diagram

feedback and sent materials after last meeting


layers to show the various pieces of the ecoystem and the porousness of the system overall

relationship among packages and elements we haven't shown yet -- we wanted to get overall view first

"profile" and "tracking" are terms we've wrestled with eliminating because they connote both positive and undesirable negative impressions.

the "database" might be referred to as databases and reflect the UL directly
the database and the "tracking tool" seem to be capturing the social aspects of the system -- plus usage information that isn't necessarily social
breadcrumbs of activity or interaction -- paths through the system

Component Repository becomes one of the networked databases -- auto-tracking tool includes both social, usage, and quality layers

work, iterate more on this diagram to keep it relevant and clear for building on it further with things like bringing in the personas work and showing the paths.
User States & Contexts
Sepideh and Katerina will use this to map the personas that are being created.
this might pair nicely with a mapping of the pathways through the ecosystem in a persona-specific layered way using the presented diagram
101.1 and 101.2 -- summarized some of that work in this wiki page -- table shows the outcomes of that research in an easy-to-see way

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