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The IDRC produces, runs, and maintains a number of Wordpress sites.

This section of the wiki documents the various projects and the different processes used for each site.

Current Wordpress Websites

Setting up Local Wordpress Dev Environment

Warning: the following instructions is for an old version of Wordpress. The PHP version will be out of date if the WP is upgraded and will fail silently.

  1. Clone the qi-development-environments repo to your local machine.
  2. Inside the qi-development, check out the NOJIRA-vbox-version branch
  3. Change to the wordpress directory
  4. Run vagrant up
  5. Go to http://localhost:10080/ and follow the configuration steps.
    1. Note: the database, password, and username information should already be pre-populated. This information is located in the wordpress/provisioning/vars.yml file.
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